Being pretty real

Being pretty real

Being beautiful is not about glamorous outfits and accessories or about perfect skin and perfect measures. Beauty comes from within and women that are beautiful on the inside will stay beautiful forever and ever. The best thing about inner beauty is that it can be easily achieved, without spending money on magic products and painful surgeries. All you need to do is open your heart and your mind and follow few simple rules. 

Be yourself. It sounds easy but it is probably one of the hardest things you will have to do in your life. Every day you are told that you have to be one way or another, you are told what to think, what to eat and what to drink. At all times, keep in mind one thing: you don’t have to be anything because you already are someone great: yourself. Being yourself builds up character, confidence and tolerance. Once you have accepted and embraced who you are, it will be easier for you to stand your ground and accept people around you just the way they are.

Be happy. Life is a journey so enjoy it, make it count. Don’t get tangled in useless feelings and expectations don’t cry over things that are long gone and don’t strive for things that will not truly fulfill you. You don’t need to be the best in everything; you just need to be the best you can. Dream big but never forget what you really have is the present. Don’t give up on today for tomorrow. Instead, make the best of today and you will have a brighter tomorrow. Happiness is an assembly of moments: a sunset, a beautiful place, a lovely meal with family or friends, and a book you read on a lazy Sunday…Find these moments and collect them religiously. When times are hard, moments like these will keep you going. And remember: you cannot make people happy unless you are happy.

Be positive. Life has ups and downs. No rules, no tricks. It is just the way it goes. How you rise after each fall is what defines you the best. Positive thoughts will not always bring positive things in your life but for sure they will help you overcome hardships faster. Negative people tend to panic more and lose hope easily, while positive people come up with solutions instead of panicking and losing hope. By being negative, you waste energy, while by being positive you gain energy. So, you do the math.

Be kind. Kindness is contagious so feel free to spread it around. Smile a lot, make eye contact when you talk to people, say hi and thank you and sorry, hold doors to strangers, help people in need, let friends cry on your shoulder, pet a dog or a cat, donate your old clothes to people in need, give a kid some candy…whatever, just find a way to be kind. Kindness is our strength, we are just not aware of it.

Love. Don’t let a second in your life go by without feeling love. Love yourself, your friends, and your family. Love pets or mountains or cuisines or TV shows or books or cities or sleeping till late or riding the bike. It doesn’t matter what you love if the feeling of love is constant in your life. Just like kindness, love is also contagious. Spread that around, too.
Bottom line, all it takes to be beautiful is to be yourself, be happy, be positive, and be kind and love with all your heart. I promise you will turn heads your entire life because this beauty is the special kind of beauty: it never fades away.

Elegance Covers For Delicate Skin

Elegance Covers For Delicate Skin

Delicate epidermis demands a lot of adoring. I have always had to pay a lot of attention to my temperamental sensitive epidermis. A little bit of ignore could lead to upset skin rashes, epidermis inflammation or break outs. In fact, one of the best ways to indulge sensitive epidermis is with the help of covers. Soothing adoring for your sensitive epidermis ideally lies in your kitchen cupboard. Here are some fantastic covers for your sensitive epidermis.

The oatmeal mask: One third cup of powder oatmeal and one egg yolk mixed to a insert and applied on a fresh experience is a great formula for cleansing and tightening sensitive epidermis. Keep it on for 10-15 moments and then wash off with ice chilly water.

Yogurt and oatmeal mask: 1 cup of organic and half a cup of powder oatmeal work amazing things to control discomfort and help combat sun damage. Detoxify your epidermis thoroughly with a light cleaner and implement this cover up. Keep it on for 15 moments and then wash off with chilly water.

The increased clay-based mask: For epidermis that feels like silk, mix together 1 tbsp of increased clay-based, 1 fall of increased oil, 1 fall of chamomile tea oil and 1 and 1/2 tsp. of grape oil. Use a little bit of increased water or plain water to turn this mix into a dense insert. Carefully massage this insert on your epidermis leave on for 5 moments. Rinse with some chilly chamomile tea tea decoction and see your epidermis shine.

The anti aging killer: For this ultimate anti aging fantastic cover up, you will need a little cider apple cider vinegar, some oatmeal, grain flour and drinking water. Take a small pot and steam 1 tbsp of oatmeal with 2 tbsps of drinking water. Once chilled, add 1 tbsp of grain flour and 1 tbsp of cider apple cider vinegar or more to achieve a dense insert. Apply leave on for 15 moments and wash off with water. Follow it up with a hydrosol such as increased water or rose water.  Use this cover up once a week and see the difference in your epidermis.

Avocado mask: Try this cover up if your sensitive epidermis is not susceptible to acne. Mash one perfect grape and add 1 tbsp of sweetie and a little organic aloe-vera and get an extremely moisturising cover up. Keep this cover up on for 15 moments on squeaky fresh epidermis and look recharged.

Sensitive epidermis needs ingredients that are gentle and help calm the epidermis. Certain organic oils such as chamomile tea and rose have an extremely soothing effect on sensitive epidermis. But if your epidermis is very sensitive then always do a patch test of these organic oils on the back of your hand to see if there is any negative reaction. Delicate epidermis can respond to perfumes so be careful when you try anything containing either synthetic or organic perfumes.

Also stay away from sizzling your sensitive epidermis too much as that too, can annoy your epidermis and cause it to get upset and red. Finally, don’t skip moisturising because your epidermis is sensitive. Use a hypo-allergenic water lotion that is easily consumed after you cleanse your epidermis.

What is your sensitive natual skin care story? Do you have a favorite homemade filter recipe?  Write in and tell us.

2013 Pantone Color of the Year Announced

Natural is the most numerous hue in characteristics – the eye recognizes more green than any other shade in the variety,” says Leatrice Eiseman, professional home of the Pantone Color Institution. “Symbolically, Emerald green delivers a feeling of clearness, restoration and restorative, which is so essential in the present complicated globe.”

That is right Girls, Pantone has created the statement, the “it” shade for 2013 is Emerald green Natural. So why is this such a big cope you maybe asking yourself? According to Wikipedia Yearly Pantone states a particular shade “Color of the Year”, which developers, flower shops, and many other consumer-oriented organizations buy to help information their styles and preparing for upcoming items.

So in other terms, in 2013, anticipate to see plenty of ruby. Actually time after he statement, cosmetics organizations such as simple nutrients were publishing images of items that have the natural hue. Along with of the year for 2012 was tangerine, and what divas was the hot shade for your summer time wardrobe? The tangerine lemon. So this statement that for 2013 the shade will be ruby will impact you more then you think. So divas start off New Season's Eve with a hit in Emerald natural Green, and you be in with the trendsetters!